In partnership with small family businesses based in Greece, Annadi relies on experienced artisanship and the personal relationship between craft and design, creator and creation. The brand is a one-on-one endeavour that supports small workshops, endowing every piece with the quality of mindful hands and the luxury of couture tailoring.

Consistent with its limited scale production that ensures garments are offered the attention they deserve before reaching their owner, Annadi gradually adds capsule lines of new items and accessories to the main collection without the limitations of seasonality and trends. Original designs last a lifetime, and this is a core value that guides Annadi’s existence.

our inspiration

A new feminine tribe has risen, boldly riding a fresh wave of nonconformity that embraces tradition in new ways. These modern-day muses are the creators of their unique fairy tales, and walk to the beat of their own drum. They are the unconventional women who inspire Annadi and define its brand. 

Annadi brides are fashion savvy originals, who choose contemporary looks that represent their true selves and exude confidence, sensuality and a rebellious flair. Breaking the mold to carve their path, they deserve the best from the grandest design to the subtlest detail.